Our Botanicals



The solid foundation to our gins is the finest juniper berries, piney, fresh and punchy. 

These little berries are what makes a Gin, by law they must be predominant flavour, you are guaranteed that is the case with our gins.


Coriander Seed

Delivers a zesty, spicy flavour.

We freshly crush our coriander seeds just before adding them to the still to be steeped with the other botanicals.

It is said that the aroma of freshly crushed corriander has a narcotic effect so is called the dizzycorn. While its safe to say  that the blame for any effects you feel after a couple of G&T's lies soley at alcohols door- its a fun notion. 


Bitter Orange Peel

Bittersweet citrus, Tarter and tangier than your average gin. 

Bitter Orange also known as Seville Orange is native to southeast Asia. As a dried peel it has an amazing orange scent, some of which carries over to the gin. 


Angelica Root

Earthy flavour, delivering essential bite and aftertaste. 

Native to Syria this plant is widely used in gin production as a binding agent to hold and balance the other botanicals. 


Pearls of Heather

Flowers of heather provide a floral grassy note. 

These flowers come from the hills surrounding Lancashire, they provide the magnificent purple carpets over the fells before been collected and dried ready for the still.


Sliced Apple

Dried red sliced apple provides a delicate fruity and fruity note. 


Chopped Ginger

With just a pinch of ginger providing a warm spicy note. 

Ginger has been widely used as a spice and in folk medicine for centries, it was also used to ward off evil spirits and to bless ships before voyages.


Grains of Paradise

These exotic grains come from the Pepper Coast in West Africa and have a woody, almost piney aroma with a warm peppery taste. They provide a hint of pepper with a slighty spicy under note.


Hawthorn Berries

Hand picked from the local hedgerows, it adds a earthy undertone that adds to the lasting aftertaste.